Hope for Homeless Animals

A Light in the Darkness for Homeless Animals in South Africa

Phoenix Animal Care & Treatment (P.A.C.T)

From left to right: Cheryl Reddy, Neeri Naidoo and Lynette Naidoo

Phoenix Animal Care & Treatment (P.A.C.T) was established in March 2012 as a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing care and medical treatment for animals in Phoenix. The main objective of the organisation is to facilitate the sterilisation and medical needs of stray and neglected/abused animals in Phoenix.

“Phoenix is a poverty stricken area with many owners who either cannot afford to or are not concerned with sterilising their animals. As a result, there is a considerable breeding problem in this area which leads to unwanted litters destined for homeless lives under unfathomable conditions” says Lynette Naidoo, Chairperson of P.A.C.T. “Our area is widely known as one of the worst when it comes to animal neglect and abuse, and sadly there is very little being done about this. It is time for Phoenix to have its own organisation dedicated to speaking for those who have no voice. But there is a saying I think of often: “Saving the life of one dog may not change the world, but for that dog, his world is changed forever”. I believe that each life we save makes a difference and doing this within our community gives us a sense of pride.”

P.A.C.T’s vision is a future where the majority of animals in the Phoenix area are sterilised, fed and treated with respect (or at the very least, tolerance) in the community. P.A.C.T would also like to embark on an education programme in the area. “We often find that pet owners, or the community at large, do not understand the responsibilities that come with having a pet. The reality is that there is alot of apathy regarding animals in general, and we would like to change this” says Neeri Naidoo, committee member.

As a non-profit organisation, P.A.C.T relies heavily on fundraising, sponsors and donations. Currently they host second hand book stalls at various fleamarkets in order to raise funds. However it is nowhere near enough. “We appeal to local businesses willing to get involved (sponsor a spay/neuter for example), to please get in touch with us. Donations of any amount are also welcome and volunteers are desperately needed. This is a community led project and we can only succeed with the help of the Phoenix people” says Cheryl Reddy, committee member. P.A.C.T appeals to anyone wanting to get involved, to please contact them on 084 609 3962 or 073 005 4275 or 078 141 1515. You can also email them on pact4068@gmail.com or find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PhoenixAnimalCare.



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